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With Facebook’s segmenting tools, you can cast a wide net or target based on interests, demographics, behaviors, transactional history, and more, to hone in on a specific audience.

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Two billion users. Two. Billion. That’s a lot of people scrolling through their feeds, just waiting to discover your product or service. 

Business Research

First we identify where your brand stands in the crowd and how it is presented to your audience of your social media page. We start with your current page likes to interaction on your social platform. We make sure your business page is setup right to ensure you reach the right audience at the right time.

Audieance Research

We determine the right audience for your business, people who can be your potential customers, from creating customer persona to selecting their interest, location and more. This step is important as it determines that your business reaches the right people who can be converted as customers. We at Webinks specializes in Facebook marketing and know how it is done.

Content Creation

Creating a content that demands attention from the viewer is important in social media marketing. Designing images is not enough, there is little bit of science involved in creating a good ad copy or post for your business page on social media, from designing the ad copy to images Webinks got you covered.

Business Page Management

Apart from running ads on social media you also need to manage your day to day task like creating new eye catchy content, scheduling post, # tag research and replying to your turning you into a brand and making sure you stay there. We at Webinks has special skills to manage Social Media Business Pages, so that you can concentrate on growing your business

A/B Testing

Determining what will work best for your business, which approach will be good and can convert more visitors to customers. Well Webinks got that covered to, with our extensive research in Social Media Marketing we specialized in creating A/B testing format ads and help determine what works the best, as with us good is not enough.

Organic to Paid Social Media Marketing.

Social Media ads offer solutions for every stage of the acquisition funnel, from initial brand awareness to purchase, allowing you to reach potential lifetime customers at the lowest cost, no matter where they are in their journey.

Social Media Organic solution offers business to stay InTouch with their customers increasing brand value and sharing stories, post or articles to increase brand loyalty.

Answers to Your Questions

What is the difference between Organic & Paid social media marketing?

Organic marketing is where you do not pay money to post, share, like, comments on or of your post on social media and the reach is free. Paid marketing is where you pay as per your requirements like page likes, brand awareness, event boost and more, post reach and more.

What social media platforms you work for?

We work majorly on Facebook social media platforms including Instagram. Other platforms are tumbler, twitter and more

I do not sell online, do i need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is only for selling online, it’s a platform which business can use to create awareness or their services and products. Small businesses will get more advantage in social media marketing as it gives them exposer to people who love to talk and share online.

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